Eterno Ivica Pedestal System

Build your raised floor, patio or deck anywhere you want whether on uneven ground or your roof with the Eterno Ivica Pedestal System.

Make the most of your existing space with the Eterno Ivica Pedestal System. Whether you’re building a new deck, elevated patio, balcony, raised floor or other outdoor projects, this adaptable pedestal system makes almost anything possible- even on sloped surfaces! From patios to inclined roofs, the Eterno Ivica Pedestal System can help you to easily create additional outdoor living space in any area of your property.

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Eterno Ivica Pedestals

From self-levelling heads that automatically compensate for slopes of up to 5% to their incredible load-bearing strength, the Eterno Ivica Pedestal System can help you to build your dream project in nearly any space. Whether you’re building a raised floor to disguise electrical and plumbing systems underneath, or a rooftop deck against a sloped roof, this innovative adaptable system makes even the most unwieldy project easier than you think.

Eterno Pedestal Usage

Used in conjunction with any outdoor flooring surface including porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, natural stone or others, this unique pedestal system handles heavy loads with ease, featuring above-average tensile strength and extreme reliability. Perfectly weather and thermal resistant, the system can be counted on to withstand anything mother nature can throw at it.

This high-quality adjustable system has been precision engineered to produce outstanding results. Attention to detail is evident and the Eterno Ivica Pedestal System’s reliability is admired and respected by contractors everywhere.

Not simply limited to new construction, the Eterno Ivica Pedestal System can be brought into projects currently underway to accommodate uneven or inclined surfaces or tight, hard-to-reach spots. The system is completely adaptable, allowing you to easily shift between fixed and self-levelling heads to create perfectly level floors, even when faced with an underlying slope.

The Eterno Ivica Pedestal System incorporates a variety of supports for any raised flooring application as well as accessories. From spacers to clips, you’ll have everything you need to construct a perfectly level deck, floor, balcony or patio in any space.

SE Eterno Support – The adjustable SE Eterno Support features a tilting head, combining impressive technical features and aesthetics with remarkably easy installation. SE is suitable for any self-supporting outdoor paving system.

NM New Maxi Support – Offering a wider range of features, the New Maxi Support offers greater than average tensile strength and impressive reliability. Its exclusive adjustment key allows for height adjustments even once the floor has been completed.

SB Basic Support – Delivering an adaptable blend of ingenuity and simplicity, the SB Basic Support allows for minute adjustments for a perfectly level floor while supporting heavy tensile forces.

ST Adjustable Support Star.T – The lowest adjustable support in the world, and adaptable to any type of tile, the Star.T is a thin, adjustable outdoor flooring support. Guaranteed by Eterno Ivica, it is easy to install, whether doing it yourself or hiring contractors.

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