Frequently Asked Questions2022-04-30T18:50:34-04:00

Frequently Asked Questions

What Surface Materials Can I Use With Eterno Pedestals?2022-09-19T16:44:32-04:00

Eterno Pedestals are ideal for supporting materials like porcelain pavers, natural stone, ceramic, glass or
wood tiles, steel or fibreglass grating or other decking materials.

What Does It Mean That Eterno Pedestals Can Conceal Things Beneath?2022-09-19T16:44:17-04:00

Eterno Pedestals are used to create a raised floor with a cavity beneath. You can disguise plumbing and
electrical conduits, HVAC, lighting and other services in this space. These services remain accessible by
simply lifting the surface material from the pedestal when required for access and maintenance.

Are Eterno Pedestals Weather Resistant?2022-09-19T16:43:59-04:00

Eterno Pedestals are UV resistant and can withstand Canadian weather conditions & temperatures,
whether the heat of summer or frigid winters.

How Does Using Eterno Pedestals Change How I Design?2022-09-19T16:43:36-04:00

Eterno Adjustable Pedestals offer you the ability to design a flat surface, even atop an uneven base,
without the need for ridges or valleys. Eterno Pedestals also make it much easier to integrate a slope of
up to 5% to accommodate water drainage and ensure the integrity of roofing membranes is maintained.

Do Eterno Pedestals Need to Be Installed Over Any Special Surface?2022-09-19T16:43:18-04:00

You can install Eterno Pedestals over any type of substrate, including cement, roofing membranes or
insulation boards. Eterno pedestals are supported by a large base, enabling direct installation on all
types of roofing membranes or other solid surfaces.

Can I Use the Eterno Ivica Pedestal System with Wood?2022-08-29T18:42:12-04:00

The Eterno Ivica pedestal system works best with tiles, so we recommend wood tiles or wood-grain
porcelain tiles to be used with them.

Can I Convert a Wood Deck to a Stone Deck?2022-08-29T18:41:55-04:00

There are a variety of innovative decking products that make it easy to convert a wood deck to a
beautiful, long-lasting stone deck. By enlisting the help of Eterno Ivica pedestals, you’ll find the job
straightforward enough for nearly any DIY’er.

What is a Pedestal Deck System?2022-08-29T18:41:38-04:00

A pedestal deck system like the Eterno Ivica pedestal system is an easy, labour-reducing and cost-
effective way to install a deck or patio. Comprised of adjustable deck supports that level and uniformly
space pavers or tiles, a pedestal deck system provides the drainage and airflow needed to achieve long-
lasting results. The Eterno Ivica Pedestal System incorporates a variety of supports for any raised
flooring application and accessories. From spacers to clips, you’ll have everything you need to construct
a perfectly level deck, floor, balcony or patio in any space, even when faced with an underlying slope.

How Do I Calculate the Number of Eterno Pedestals I Will Need for My Project?2022-05-31T01:17:28-04:00

Calculating the number of Eterno pedestals, you’ll need for your project is easy. First, measure the space and calculate the number of tiles you will need to cover the floor space across both the length and the width and add a one to each of these numbers. For example, if your project is five tiles wide and nine tiles long, add a one to each number and then multiply. (5+1) x (9+1) = 60 pedestals needed.

How Will Eterno Pedestals Save Me Time?2022-05-31T01:17:11-04:00

Eterno pedestals offer a variety of important benefits, including significant time savings. A pedestal deck can be constructed much faster than a more traditional deck. Eterno pedestals do away with most of the heavy lifting from ground preparation, excavation, digging holes for support posts, pouring concrete etc. Simply lay out the pedestals at defined intervals across the required areas and construct your deck frame on top of them.

What are Eterno Pedestals, and How Can I Use Them?2022-05-31T01:16:52-04:00

Eterno pedestals are a low-maintenance, commercial-grade and long-lasting decking solution. Providing outstanding stability on any surface, Eterno pedestals are designed with a broad footprint, making it possible to create level raised floors, decks or patios nearly anywhere, even on sloped surfaces. Use Eterno pedestals wherever you want to install sophisticated, commercial-grade decking – on a rooftop, deck, patio or around the pool. Thanks to the impressive load-bearing strength of Eterno pedestals, they can be topped with a variety of surface materials or used for heavy projects like green roofs or driveways. When used on a rooftop, Eterno pedestals can protect the roofing membrane and even extend its lifespan significantly.

What are the benefits of adjustable deck supports?2022-04-30T09:30:07-04:00

Adjustable deck supports are another name for pedestal systems, and they offer a variety of benefits, including:

Strength – Pedestals offer incredible load-bearing strength

Durability – Completely weather-proof, you can count on your pedestals to last for decades.

Versatility – Raised floors constructed with pedestals offer easy access to what lies below. When you need to repair or inspect piping under the floor, simply lift a tile and replace it. It couldn’t be easier!

Adjustable deck supports also offer the benefit of lightweight building materials that cost less to transport and cause less disruption to the job site. You’ll get the job done faster, with less work and at a lower cost.

Why choose a raised floor compared to a traditional one?2022-04-30T09:29:43-04:00

A significant advantage of a raised floor is concealment. A raised floor is when an elevated floor is constructed above a structure’s original slab surface. Imagine a patio installed over a concrete pad or built on top of a flat roof. In the void created beneath the raised floor, there is space for pipes, electrical, or even drainage to remain hidden yet reachable. For maintenance or inspection, simply lift the porcelain tile or other surface material for easy access when you need to access the pipes or conduits below.

Raised floors can reduce the weight of a new structure, an important feature in rooftop applications. They help reduce construction time, labour, and various associated expenses. Raised floors are also ideal over sloped surfaces and can easily be levelled with adjustable pedestals.

Why are pedestals the ideal solution on a rooftop?2022-04-30T09:29:09-04:00

Building on a rooftop requires special care. After all, you can’t just dump a load of concrete up there, and you need to protect your roof’s waterproof membrane. Pedestal systems maintain the roof’s waterproof integrity by resting on top of the roofing membrane without puncturing it. They also protect your roofing system from damage by elevating your abrasive surfacing materials off the roof and allowing water to flow unimpeded between the surface tiles to the drains below.

Pedestals also increase the life expectancy of your roofing membrane by protecting it from the elements and UV rays. Eterno pedestals can accommodate the specific warranty requirements of any roofing membrane manufacturer to ensure no warranties are voided. Finally, Eterno pedestals offer fast & easy installation, the ability to install aesthetically-pleasing surfaces like porcelain tiles and create a perfectly level rooftop deck or patio, even on roofs with a slope.

How do pedestals affect the waterproof integrity of roofing systems?2022-04-30T18:42:31-04:00

Eterno Ivica pedestals sit on top of your roof’s waterproofing system without penetrating it. This protects your roof’s waterproof membrane, maintaining its integrity. Once your project is complete, this layer further protects your roof, insulating it from the elements and extending its lifespan. Pedestals also create uniform spaces between each of your surface tiles or pavers, allowing water to run between the tiles and flow unimpeded to the roof drains as intended.

Where can I use pedestals?2022-04-30T18:42:26-04:00

You’ll find Eterno Ivica pedestals are versatile and useful in a variety of projects. Use them to solve issues like uneven surfaces, rooftop decks, patios and projects in tight, hard-to-reach spaces. Pedestals can even be used on sloped roofs. Once you’ve decided on a project, pedestals can be used to support nearly any surfacing material. Create a beautiful porcelain deck, a new patio or a green roof; the sky’s the limit when it comes to what you can do with the Eterno Ivica pedestal system.

What does it mean that Eterno pedestals can be used to conceal things underneath?2022-04-30T18:42:19-04:00

Eterno Ivica pedestals are used to create raised floors. A raised floor is where an elevated floor is constructed above a building or structure’s original slab surface. Think of a patio installed over a concrete pad or built atop a flat roof.

In the hidden void created below the raised floor, there is space for pipes, electrical or even drainage to remain hidden yet accessible. For maintenance or inspection, simply lift your porcelain tile or other surface material for easy access when you need to access the pipes or conduits below.